A case study

Building ‘Speaking Justice’

From Speaking Justice Founder Miriame Cherbib


Speaking Justice LLC provides education on Conflict resolution and Equity and Inclusion. We offer workshops for both individuals and organizations to improve the culture of equity and inclusion and learn and practice how to engage in conversations and dialogues on divisive subjects.

Lisa joined before we even launched the project. We needed to come up with strategies to build the company and let people know about our work.

I wanted someone aligned with our values, who could bring a positive energy, who had some experience in marketing and wanted to learn by doing. The alignment with the values was very important to me. Her faith in the project and the motivation were crucial.

Lisa was eager to grow and to contribute to the world by supporting Speaking Justice launch and grow. Lisa can see how each task is part of an overall strategy. 

What was it like to work with Lisa?

It felt very comforting to have someone to check in with for big picture strategies, to trust with the website, the newsletter and the outreach to the community. 

What did Lisa bring to the table that other contractors didn’t or couldn’t?

The energy, the faith in the project and a deep understanding of the project. 

Was there anything exceptional about working with Lisa that the business could share?

Lisa has an incredible ability and humility to learn. She is extremely positive which is fundamental in the first stages of building a business. She is very creative and always has new ideas of solutions to any problem. She is not scared of trying new things!

What was the outcome of working with Lisa on the project?

We launched the business, we know there is a market and we understand the market better. We have a beautiful well organized website where people can get more info and buy our workshops. We have 120 newsletter subscribers after 3 months and we organized 3 workshops. 

It is too early to look back as we are in our 3rd month of official existence. I will write here after a year, but we already made money with the 3 workshops and are closing on a big contract with an institution soon. 

 Each time we had a deadline we met it thanks to Lisa!

I couldn’t have done everything without her. I needed a trustworthy person to delegate and she has done the job I couldn’t possibly do.

The business is now at a stage where we know there is a market, we understand the prospects’ pain points and we have a strategy to develop and grow our business.

Finally, would the company or organization recommend Lisa to other businesses?


Lisa will believe in you and your project, she will work hard to understand your vision and your voice and translate it into words and imagery. She will support you and will use any tool available. She will keep the vision in mind while working on small or big tasks. 


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