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About Sledgehammer

Lisa Bridge a.k.a. Sledgehammer, has been working for small business’s since she was 13 years-old and managed a suburban pizza dynasty.

With a focus on globe-trotting, creativity and service as a younger adult, she cemented her understanding of being human(e) and having agency to create positive change.

After years of managing / promoting organic farms, farmers markets, and social justice organizations she has struck out on her own to offer these skills to other entrepreneurs (dreamers/doers) so they can succeed at building their dreams with smarts and finesse.

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My experience includes: Content writing, copywriting, email marketing, newspaper content, website building, website copy, design work, brand building, seasoned in Mailchimp, The 12-Week Year goal setting, habit tracking and time management.

I am also skilled at activating dreams by developing strategies to move things forward. I like to work closely with clients, supporting and sound boarding decisions, goals and  outreach choices. 

My roots are Massachusetts, I got my undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Anthropology. I served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala for 2 years. Then I went to graduate school in Vermont at the School for International training, got a masters degree in International Management. 

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I am also a mom with a daughter and twin boys. I love adventuring in nature, hacky sacking, guitar playing, songwriting, drum kitting, watching Japanese anime, EDM, lip syncing and dance parties. I drink a beer about once a week and take a one hour walk every morning with my guy.

Fluent in Spanish, Nonviolent Communication plus a touch of Dragonese.

Are we BFF’s YET?

OK, I also love coffee and chocolate! 

And I am releasing my first album very soon, I will keep you posted!

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