When there are a million ways to solve a problem, how do we narrow the approach?

It is easy to make something fast and on impulse but does it delight you? and your audience?

When I approach a project, whether it is a newsletter or a website, there are a lot of choices to be made. What I call practical elegance is all the sensual pleasing tones and vibrations that go into the piece. It is the art, it is the craft. It is the empathy for the receiver.

Have you opened an email or a magazine because the colors and the letters and the visual qualities delighted you?Have you ever bought a practical tool but chose the baby blue one because you want to absorb that flavor every time you touch it.

Give your business, your product that care, that elegance, build it into the messaging, the website, the product. There is so much cheap crap that is produced without being delightful and lovely. Don’t make more of that.

We, as humans, need beauty for our eyes and minds. As a creator I value practical elegance and strive to offer that as a way to respect and uplift our human nature.