Sledgehammer Strategy looks like this:

Develop a plan to offer your remarkable value to real humans while contributing positively to the world. 

This may surprise you, we will:

  • Start with empathy for the audience.
  • Determine how you can best serve humanity with your awesomeness. 
  • Create & distribute a brand story with purpose.
  • Build a tribe!

Clarify and research your audience:

Want to build an audience that will spread the word of your product over and over?

A remarkable product will speak to a particlular tribe. This is what we are aiming for. We are going to build trust with a group of followers whose needs we have researched. Then we are  going to speak to them directly. This audience will spread the word about your product over and over. 

Build the story:

Want to create the win-win story that is going to build trust and connection with your tribe?

We will work to create your brand story in a way that moves your product. This story will be speaking to your audience and how your product is going to improve their lives by solving problems they have. It is going to be true to who you are. This will be a win-win story that is going to build trust and connection.

Design and Brand:

Want your brand to have a great look, feel and continuity?

What we communicate is going to be consistent and meet the expectations that we create. The ones that express you and your business.

We will develop the pieces of the brand; the colors, the tone of voice and your unique selling point. We will also decide on the best way to communicate to your unique audience consistently.