The images of powerful women you see on this website are created by Kathrin Longhurst. She is an artist who was raised behind the Berlin Wall, traveled the world, and is now artist/painter in Sydney Australia.

I have had the nickname ‘Sledgehammer’ for a longtime. It came from a dear friend who saw my strength, endurance and no bullshit attitude with humor and love. It has stayed with me for at least 12 years now.

I identify with the sledgehammer because it destroys things that are no longer needed. It takes down structures and frameworks that are not serving us anymore. It is a symbol of the courage to dismantle when needed.

When it was time to start this business, I decided to call it Sledgehammer Marketing. Then I was pretty sure that images of respectable women and sledgehammers were not going to be easy to find. I was right, it is too easy to see how we like to pair power with sexiness. You want a sexy, oiled up model with a sledgehammer, sure you can find that.

Then I found the work of Kathrin Longhurst. I found her ‘Sledgehammer Girl’ image. I immediately resonated with the feminine power and revolutionary energy. I took a screenshot and saved it. Then when I started to build the website, I needed to followup, I was desperate to get permission, I was attached to this image. I found her website and her INCREDIBLE artwork, her portraits of women. It TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND. This made me nervous!

I reached out to her via email. I told her what I wanted to do, I asked her for permission to use the image.

She said YES! She sent me the hi-res file. She told me to ‘knock ’em out’ and I am still full of gratitude. That was truly a powerful moment for me, to feel that wind under my wings. She asked me to donate to a women’s organization.

I share this to celebrate women supporting women, to point you to Kathrin‘s exquisite portraits and to tell a simple success story that meant a tremendous amount to me. Thank you Kathrin Longhurst!